Overview of Cloud Pak for Data

IBM® Cloud Pak for Data is a native cloud solution that enables you to put your data to work quickly and efficiently.

Your enterprise has data. Lots of data. You need to use your data to generate meaningful insights that can help you avoid problems and reach your goals.

But your data is useless if you can't trust it or access it. Cloud Pak for Data lets you do both by enabling you to connect to your data (no matter where it lives), govern it, find it, and use it for analysis. Cloud Pak for Data also enables all of your data users to collaborate from a single, unified interface, so your IT department doesn't need to deploy and connect multiple applications.

Ready for AI

To be competitive and successful, your enterprise must leverage the power of artificial intelligence. But before you can use AI, you need to ensure that your information architecture is on point and ready to keep up with the scale of your data.

Cloud Pak for Data includes an enterprise data catalog that helps you create a cohesive information architecture by ensuring that your data is mapped to a standard set of business terms and follows information governance policies and rules.

With Cloud Pak for Data, raw data becomes trusted data that you can analyze to gain insights and maximize business outcomes.

Modern architecture

Cloud Pak for Data provides a modern data and analytics architecture that is elastic and reliable. In addition, it provides an end-to-end architecture that enables you to catalog, govern, transform, and analyze your data so that you can spend less time managing your data and more time using it to grow your business.

If you want to become a data-driven enterprise, Cloud Pak for Data should be at the center of your data and analytics ecosystem.

A private cloud solution

Most of your enterprise data lives behind your firewall. It makes sense to put the applications that access your data behind your firewall to prevent accidentally sharing your data.

Cloud Pak for Data is a native cloud solution that can be deployed as a stand-alone Kubernetes-based IBM Cloud Private cluster or as a service in your existing IBM Cloud Private cluster.

With Cloud Pak for Data, you have complete control of your data.

If you do have data in the public cloud, you can also connect to your public cloud data sources from Cloud Pak for Data.

Enables users

Cloud Pak for Data fosters productivity by enabling users to find existing data or to request access to data. With modern tools that facilitate analytics and remove barriers to collaboration, users can spend less time finding data and more time using it effectively.

Choose the right edition for your needs

There are two editions of Cloud Pak for Data that you can choose from:
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Cloud Native Edition
Both editions include the same features; however, Cloud Native Edition places limits on:
  • The number of records in your data set on which you can run automated discovery or data transformation jobs
  • The number of jobs that you can run each day to transform data or assign terms
  • The number of accepted assets in the enterprise data catalog
  • The number of concurrently published data science model deployments
  • The number of concurrently running data science batch jobs
  • The number of concurrently running Shiny applications
  • The number of active nodes across all data warehouses

Assets include glossary categories and terms, governance policies and rules, data rule definitions, data rule set definitions, automation rules, quality rules, data classes, business labels, and data science assets, such as notebooks, models, and Shiny applications. If you are using Cloud Pak for Data Cloud Native Edition, all of these asset types count towards the total number of accepted assets in your enterprise data catalog.