Upgrading the operator in Operator Hub

You can upgrade the operator in the OpenShift Operator Hub to the new version before you apply your custom resource upgrades.

About this task

New releases of the 21.0.x catalog are published in the IBM operator catalog. If you installed, for example a Cloud Pak for Business Automation 21.0.1 operator on your cluster, then the instance appears in Installed Operators. You can see the Subscription details after selecting the operator as shown in the following screen capture.

Change subscription

The channel in 21.0.1 used stable, V21.1 in 21.0.1-IF001, and it changed to V21.2 in 21.0.2. Select the new channel to upgrade the operator.


  1. In the Subscription tab, click to edit the Channel.

    The current channel appears selected, and any new channels appear in the Update Channel list.

  2. To change the subscribed channel, select the v21.2 channel and click Save.

    The Cloud Pak for Business Automation operator is automatically updated to 21.0.2.

  3. Click Installed Operators to see that the operator has been updated.
    Installed operators

    If the Cloud Pak for Business Automation operator upgrade continues to show the status "Upgrading" then you might need to intervene.

    Upgrading status

    To resolve the issue remove the previous version of the operator by clicking the 3 vertical dots in the far right column, click Uninstall Operator, and then install the operator again from the IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation catalog.

    Operator catalog tile