Upgrading automation containers

If you installed any Cloud Pak for Business Automation capability from 21.0.2 in an enterprise deployment and you want to continue to use them in 21.0.3, you can upgrade them. If you installed a version before 21.0.2, then upgrade incrementally before you upgrade to 21.0.3.

Before you begin

Before you start an upgrade, define a backup recovery process and take snapshots to enable rollback if needed. You cannot properly roll back if you do not back up your data.
  1. Read Preparing your deployed custom resource for an upgrade.
  2. Determine what upgrade channel to subscribe to, and follow the upgrade procedure for your containers for specific instructions.
  3. Read Backing up your environments for additional instructions that are not covered in the container upgrade sections.
  4. As the admin username in secrets is case-sensitive, if it is the LDAP user, make sure you use the same case as in the LDAP.

About this task

It is the deployment that enables you to scale down the previous version of the applications, and scale up the new version in a controlled fashion with zero downtime.

Important: Due to the number of dependencies that each pattern has it is advisable not to try to upgrade individual containers in your deployment. Upgrade everything within your deployment at the same time.