Upgrading IBM Business Automation Application Engine

If you installed IBM Business Automation Application Engine 21.0.2 and you want to continue to use your applications, you can upgrade your applications to the current version. If you are upgrading Business Automation Studio, you must follow these steps to upgrade the playback server.


  1. Get the custom resource YAML file that you used to install IBM Business Automation Application Engine and update it for the new deployment.
    Update the application_engine_configuration and resource_registry_configuration sections.
    • If you just want to update IBM Business Automation Application Engine with the minimal required values, use the values in Custom resource templates.
      • For a full release, update the release version and appVersion to the new version (for example, 21.0.3).
      • For an interim fix, (for example, 21.0.2 IF001), update only the appVersion to the new version (for example,
    • In 21.0.2, updates were made to ensure a consistent hostname for all components. An example of a hostname update would be a change from ae-workspace.test1.9.x.x.x.nip.io to ae-workspace-test1.9.x.x.x.nip.io. If you want to keep the hostname that you defined in a previous release, add the hostname attribute under the application_engine_configuration section. For example:
          hostname: "ae-workspace.test1.9.x.x.x.nip.io"
      For IBM Resource Registry, add the hostname under the resource_registry_configuration section. For example:
          hostname: "rr.test1.9.x.x.x.nip.io"
    • To use the full configuration list and customize the values, update the required values in the application_engine_configuration and resource_registry_configuration sections in your custom resource YAML file based on your configuration. For more information, see IBM Business Automation Application Engine configuration parameters.
  2. Update the configuration sections for other deployments, such as Business Automation Navigator. Go to the upgrade page for each deployment and follow their upgrade documents to update your custom resource YAML file.
  3. Make sure that you complete the last step Validating the YAML in your custom resource file before you apply the CR to the operator.