IBM Business Automation Workflow

Optimize core business processes with Business Automation Workflow. Workflow automation orchestrates multiple business processes (straight-through, human-assisted or case management) within operations and provides visibility into each step.

Workflow applications improve productivity and streamline daily business operations. Workflow applications have four main components:

  • An authoring environment to create and configure the application.
  • Frameworks or models for sequencing and delegating work. With Business Automation Workflow, the models can be either structured processes or unstructured cases. You can choose your model based on the pattern of your workflow and not be limited to a case or a process.
  • A user experience for interacting with the application. To provide consistent user experiences, standardized workflows can be reused across the organization.
  • Administrative tools for optimizing how the application runs, deploying new versions, and managing security.

For more information about the traditional on-premises Business Automation Workflow, see IBM Business Automation Workflow.