IBM Automation Document Processing

Combine your business knowledge with powerful machine learning to process and store documents and unlock the data they contain.

Business documents contain valuable data that you need to make better decisions and drive business performance. But capturing data from those documents can require manual intervention, which is costly, slow, and inconsistent.

Automation Document Processing provides a tailored solution that reads your documents, extracts data, and refines and stores the data for use.

With the right business knowledge, you can design deep learning models without being a data scientist. The Document Processing Designer includes pre-trained deep-learning models, which you can use as a base for your own model. The pre-trained document types include bills of lading, invoices, and utility bills.

You can extract text, checkboxes, forms, tables, and even free text. With no- or low-code options, you can create an application that processes documents, extracts data, flags issues, and stores your documents and data. And the data enrichment capabilities ensure that the extracted data is standardized and ready for use in downstream integrations.

To learn more, see What is Automation Document Processing?