IBM Automation Decision Services

Automation Decision Services provides a comprehensive environment for authoring, managing, and running decision services.

Organizations make numerous operational decisions every day as part of their business operations. The scope of these decisions can include areas such as product and service pricing, and credit and loan approval, as well as risk management and fraud detection.

Operational decisions apply business policies, which are often influenced by numerous factors that can be both internal and external to an organization. Today’s ever-changing business climate requires business experts to directly control their decision-making processes, and the data driving these decisions. They must also make their processes accessible immediately to their enterprise applications.

Part of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation platform, Automation Decision Services delivers advanced decision automation capabilities. Using Decision Designer in Business Automation Studio, business experts can model, author, and validate decisions in one development environment. They can also infuse intelligence into business decisions. By combining decision models and predictive models into decision services that make better, more informed decisions based on data already available in their organization. They can also collaborate with others in their organization by sharing projects through a central Git repository.

Automation Decision Services integrates with a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) stack. This stack makes it easy for the IT department to set up test, staging, and production environments for building and deploying decisions. Then, web or mobile applications can invoke the decisions by using RESTful calls.

Alternatively, you can build and deploy decision services directly from Decision Designer. Deployed decision services can then either be published as automation services in Business Automation Studio, or invoked through the decision runtime.

Diagram showing the product architecture

For more information about the main features of Automation Decision Services, see What is Automation Decision Services?.