What is IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation offers design, build, run, and automation services to rapidly scale your programs and fully execute and operationalize an automation strategy.

IBM Cloud Paks meet standard criteria for packaging and deployment of containerized software with platform integrations. IBM Cloud Paks accelerate time to value, and improve enterprise readiness and business agility.

Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation helps to automate business operations with an integrated platform of automation capabilities. The platform relies on Kubernetes, which is open source application container orchestration software that makes it easier to configure, deploy, and manage containerized applications. It is designed to help all types of projects small and large, improve employee productivity, and deliver better end-to-end customer journeys while you reduce the burden of governing your content and processes. It can increase your ability to scale and do more work faster and better.

Automation capabilities empower your business to work more effectively in the following cases:

  • When your headcounts are static, but the workload must manage new applications or services, rising customer demand, or seasonal fluctuations.
  • When you want to create enhanced and personalized customer experiences that increase loyalty by drawing insights instantly from multiple sources of information.
  • When you need to scale operations to help maximize revenue and customer service.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation helps you to achieve scale by providing an integrated coordinated software platform that offers capabilities to digitize your business operations. The platform provides applications in core areas where automation provides benefits: content, workflow, decisions, and capture. You can use any of these areas as an entry point into the platform, and mix and match capabilities as needed depending on the issues that your company faces. If your company already uses one or two of the applications on-premises, you might not be aware of the other capabilities or of the synergies and potential that they can bring. IBM Cloud Pak for Automation provides a huge opportunity to help digitize and automate all aspects of your business operations.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation offers a unified user experience for consistency across operations, reusable skills and assets that you can share between applications, and platform services that drive analytics and insight with operational intelligence. The platform can also coordinate its capabilities with your existing infrastructure. For example, content management for an insurance company’s case management needs. Content management can include searching files for relevant data, managing the business processes necessary for completing a claim, and providing decisions based on company policies.

The following diagram shows the capabilities of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation and the core program offerings that the platform provides. Each application can be installed independently of each other. However, to integrate certain components it might be necessary to install them in a specific order.

DBA components