Configuring Content Platform Engine for Content Search Services

After you deploy the container images for Content Platform Engine and Content Search Services, you modify the existing FileNet® P8 domain configuration to incorporate the newly deployed Content Search Service services.

Before you begin

This configuration procedure uses the Administration Console for Content Platform Engine. To complete these steps, you must have already performed the tasks in Manually initializing and verifying your content services environment.


To prepare Content Platform Engine to work with Content Search Services:

  1. Obtain the configuration details for the new CSS services in the container deployment:
    1. Use the following command to get a list of all the pods, and determine the pod name for your CSS server deployment:
      kubectl get pod
    2. From the command line, use your CSS pod name and run the following command:
      kubectl exec -it pod pod_name bash
    3. From the command line, change to the /opt/IBM/ContentSearchServices/CSS_Server/bin directory, and run the following command to get the authentication token:
      ./ printToken -configPath ../config

      Make a note of the token so you can use it during the configuration.

    4. Exit out of the pod.
    5. From the command line, run the following command to get information about the pod:
      kubectl describe pod pod_name

      Make a note of the IP and port (8199) so you can use it during the configuration.

  2. Configure a text search server for each IBM Content Search Services deployment by navigating to Global Configuration > Administration > Text Search Servers > New Text Search Server, and complete the wizard:
    Server state:
    • Ensure all Content Search Services servers in the containerized environment are configured for Dual: IndexAndSearch mode.
    Server parameters:
    • Set the Host name and Port values to the IBM Cloud® Private pod IP and the cssssl port as seen from IBM Cloud Private. By default the cssssl port value is 8199.
    • Add the authentication token.

      This encryption key is used to encrypt the password during text index backup and restore operations.

    Communication security:
    • Check Enable use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.
    • Uncheck Validate the SSL server certificate and Validate the SSL certificate host.
    Server association:
    • Set the Affinity Group value to the same affinity group that is set for your existing on-premises CSS server.
  3. Save the server settings.
  4. Repeat the preceding steps for all the newly deployed Content Search Service services.