Cloud Pak for Automation software

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation includes a simple packaging and licensing. Depending on your business needs, a purchased entitlement for Digital Business Automation can be used on-premises, on the cloud, or in a hybrid mode.

Cloud Pak for Automation includes certified container images that can be deployed together to automate processes, protect your business, and extract critical information from your business data. The Cloud Pak provides software as a service (SaaS) to provide flexibility in provisioning, duplicating, and scaling resources to address the requirements of your enterprise. You can provision services on an on-demand basis and shut them down when you no longer need them.

Note: The user documentation for software that is available on-premises or IBM Cloud Public can be found in separate entries in the IBM Knowledge Center. The application descriptions provide links to the relevant entries. The user documentation for applications that are not available on-premises or IBM Cloud Public is provided here. Installation instructions for Cloud Pak for Automation are provided in GitHub.