Configuring IBM Business Automation Navigator in a container environment

If you included IBM® Business Automation Navigator in your container deployment, you must perform some additional configuration to ensure that the application works with your content services environment.

About this task

After you deploy your IBM Business Automation Navigator container, use the IBM Business Automation Navigator administration console to update settings for the container environment.


  1. Update the security settings on the Content Platform Engine domain so that IBM Business Automation Navigator users can access it:
    1. Log in to the Administration Console for Content Platform Engine.
    2. From the navigation pane, open the domain for editing.
    3. Click the Security tab.
    4. Click Add User/Group Permissions.
    5. Add #ALL-AUTHENTICATED to the domain, with the following settings:
      • Source: Direct
      • Permission Type: Allow
      • Permission Group: Custom, with View all properties, Modify all properties, Read permissions, and Modify permissions enabled.
      • Apply to: This Object and Immediate Children
  2. Add the Daeja® Viewer license files to the configuration overrides directory for IBM Business Automation Navigator. For example, icn-cfgstore-pv/configDropins/overrides.
  3. Update the Daeja Viewer log file path, if necessary. The default log file is icn-logstore-pv/logs/daeja.log. Confirm that the path is updated to reflect your container deployment location, for example, /opt/ibm/viewerconfig/logs/daeja.log.
  4. Update the Sync Services URL:
    1. In the IBM Business Automation Navigator administration tool, click Sync Services.
    2. Update the default value for the public service URL. The URL must include the server IP address and port for the IBM Cloud Private environment, for example: http://ICP_IP_Address:30557/sync/notify.