Identifying the machine type and serial number to report Cloud Pak for Data System system issues to IBM Support

To report issues related to your Cloud Pak for Data System, you need to identify the machine type and model (MTM), and serial number (SN).

The Cloud Pak for Data System consists of several hardware components such as servers, network, and switches. The service call should identify both the system and the component in need of service. You must know the MTM and serial number of these components as well as the system component name.

The system is identified by an anchor MTM and serial number.
Component type Machine type Serial number range System component name System component example
Lenovo server enclosure 3453 786xxxx enclosureX.nodeY enclosure1.node2
Mellanox fabric switch 3454-B85 10NBxxx fabswXY fabsw1a
Mellanox (Edge-Core) management switch 3454-A3C 10NAxxx mgtswXY mgtsw1a
The anchor for a Lenovo based IBM Cloud Pak for Data system has the MTM of 3453-SYS and the serial number of the first server enclosure. Use these MTM and serial number to report a system problem to IBM Support.
The full list of system components is available in several places:
  • Using system command, run the ap info command.
    General information about the system and component is displayed:
    [root@e1n1 ~]# ap info
    | General information                 |
    | MTM             | 3453-SYS          |
    | Serial          | 9960101           |
    (sections removed)
    | MTMs information                                           |
    | Location            | MTM               | Serial           |
    | fabsw1a             | 3454-B8C          | 99NB001          |
    | enclosure1          | 3453-C2E          | 9960101          |
    | enclosure2          | 3453-C2E          | 9960102          |
    | mgtsw1a             | 3454-A3C          | 99NA001          |
    The MTM and serial number which you should use to report a problem to IBM Support are listed under General information.
  • Using the system web console, go to the About page.

    Use the MTM and serial number listed under System identification.