The general state of your Cloud Pak for Data System is determined by the state of two components: platform manager and the system application.

System states

The following table describes all states of the system.
Table 1. System states description
State Description
Activating The startup procedure has begun.
Active Platform Manager is activated, system is being monitored, and policies are active. Cloud Pak for Data is stopped.
Deactivating Deactivating process has begun.
Inactive Platform Manager is started but no monitoring takes place, the policy engine is not running.
Starting The system virtual machines are starting.
Ready System is ready for handling user requests.
Down Cloud Pak for Data is down and cannot be recovered automatically.
Recovering Cloud Pak for Data recovering is in progress.
Degraded The cluster is not accessible from a node. Platform management is deactivated.
Started_Unknown System VMs are started but Cloud Pak for Data state cannot be reported.
Started_Down The platform is monitored and at least one VM is started but Cloud Pak for Data HA component is stopped.
The following table presents how the overall system state is determined by the state of the platform manager and the state of the Cloud Pak for Data application.
Table 2. System states based on components
Platform Manager state Application state System state
Stopped   Stopped
Inactive   Inactive
Activating   Activating
Deactivating   Deactivating
Degraded   Degraded
Active Stopped Active
Active Waiting_For_Nodes Starting
Active Starting Starting
Active VMs_Started Starting
Active Started Started
Active Down Down
Active Ready Ready
Active Failed Down
Active Recovering Recovering
Active Stopping Stopping
Active Started_Unknown Started_Unknown
Active Started_Down Started_Down
The following table lists all possible Cloud Pak for Data application states.
Table 3. Application states description
Application State Description
Waiting_For_Nodes Waiting for enough healthy nodes to start the application.
Starting Starting application VMs.
VMs_Started Application VMs started and waiting for Cloud Pak for Data to start.
Down Unable to start application VMs.
Failed Cloud Pak for Data cannot start.
Recovering Cloud Pak for Data recovery is in progress.