User interfaces

Depending on your role, you can use various user interfaces to manage, administer, and use Cloud Pak for Data System.

System web console
As a system (hardware) administrator, you can open the system administrative console. It provides information about the system hardware, software, resource usage, notifications and alerts.

The first time you log in to the administrative console, the onboarding process is started. You must fill in all the required fields to be able to proceed to the home page, for example, Rack ID, or the U-position (the numerical position of the component in the rack, which must be an integer value). The IBM installation team should provide these details for you.

The Hardware overview page includes interactive visualizations of hardware components and their actual location in the rack. You can zoom in and out the rack view, filter the view by status or by component type, and view the selected component details.

The Software overview page allows you to launch other available web consoles: OpenShift, Cloud Pak for Data, and , if installed, Netezza Performance Server.

Cloud Pak for Data web console
As a data scientists, you can use the Cloud Pak for Data web console. Cloud Pak for Data (System Edition) is the main application installed on the system which enables you to catalog and govern, explore and profile, transform, and analyze your data from a single web console.
OpenShift web console
Netezza web console

If you have Netezza® Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data System installed and configured on your system, you can also access the Netezza web console. For more information, see NPS web console.

As a system administrator, you can also use the system command line interface apcli for managing the system. The system commands are described in detail in System command line.