Changing time zones on Netezza

Learn how to change time zones of the Netezza host with the nz timezone command.

Before you begin

Make sure that the nz tool is downloaded. For more information, see Downloading nz.

About this task

The nz timezone command
nz timezone [subcommands] [options]
Subcommand Description
ls Lists all of the possible time zone values.
show Displays the time zones that are set on the host.
set Sets the time zone of the host.
Option Description
-h Displays the help message.
-host Required. Specifies the Netezza hostname or external IP. It must be followed by :8443.
-u Required. Specifies the Netezza user.
-pw Required. Specifies the Netezza user password.


  1. Log in to Netezza.
  2. Run the nz timezone command.
    nz timezone set -tz TIME_ZONE -host NPS_EXTERNAL_IP:8443 -u NETEZZA_USER -pw NETEZZA_USER_PASSWORD
    nz timezone set -tz America/New_York -host -u admin -pw password
    Timezone set to America/New_York
    Tip: To see available time zones, run the following command.
    nz timezone ls -host NPS_EXTERNAL_IP:8443 -u NETEZZA_USER -pw NETEZZA_USER_PASSWORD