Changing management network configuration

If you need to change any of the management network items from the prerequisites list, gather the pertinent item values. For custom routes option, see Adding custom static routes to a device.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have:
  • Management network IPs for control nodes: node1, node2, node3
  • Custom hostname FQDNs for the control nodes (optional)
  • Management network information for the subnet in CIDR format
    Note: Use a subnet calculator to determine the values for your system. For example, if your netmask is and your IP is, your subnet is

    Prefix length, gateway and floating IP (VIP address) values are based on the provided example.

  • Prefix length - 27
  • Gateway -
  • Floating IP (VIP address) -
  • MTU (optional)


  1. Connect to e1n1 by using the application floating IP.
  2. For management network IPs, update the IP values or custom hostnames, or both by following Node specific information.
  3. Update all other items by following Shared management network variables.
  4. Validate the YAML file.
  5. Test the YAML file and run the playbooks.
  6. Validate that all nodes are accessible through their management IP addresses (nodes 1 - 3 and floating_ip).