Web console

You can use the Cloud Pak for Data System web console to manage the system software, hardware, and configure the Call Home feature. Depending on your user role, you can also access other user interfaces.

The following web user interfaces are available on the system:
  • Cloud Pak for Data System web console for system administrators - enhanced with hardware administration and monitoring panels.

    URL: https://icpd-system.<domain>. Its default OpenShift project (namespace) is ap-console.

    Default credentials are apadmin : password

  • Cloud Pak for Data web console for Cloud Pak for Data users

    URL: https://icpd-zen.<domain>. Its default OpenShift project (namespace) is zen.

    In Cloud Pak for Data version 4.0 there is no common default password. Each system is assigned a random password at installation.
    Note: When your system is migrated from version 1.0, you might need to retrieve the default admin password as described in Collecting the Cloud Pak for Data admin user password.
  • OpenShift web console
  • Netezza web console - If you have Netezza® Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data System installed and configured on your system, you can also access the Netezza web console. For more information, see NPS web console.
The administrative web console includes a number of panels that allow you to monitor and administer the system. The system specific features are as follows:
  • Hardware overview - Includes a graphical image of the rack, with all hardware components. If there’s a warning or critical alert related to the component, status icon appears. When you hover over the unhealthy component, its alerts are displayed. You can click any component to view its details.
  • Resource usage - Enables you to view hardware status, storage capacity or resource utilization.
  • Software overview - Lists all software components and their statuses. From the Software overview tab you can also switch to the Cloud Pak for Data, OpenShift, or Netezza web console.
  • Configure system - Allows you to configure the system. You can also delete any nodes at any time.
  • Call home - Allows you to specify Call Home configuration, but also define some alert rules.
  • Notifications - Lists all system issues and events. Allows for filtering and displaying details for a specific alert.

Browser compatibility

Cloud Pak for Data System web console can be used with the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome 60 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 52 or later
Internet Explorer is not supported.