Setting up the Call Home service

You specify important contact and service information about your system in the console.

Before you begin

Make sure that you gathered the required information for your system including model information, administrative contacts, and system location information.


  1. From the Cloud Pak for Data System console, go to Call Home in the menu and fill in your information in the following tabs:
    1. System - Note that Country code is a mandatory field.
    2. Customer information - Note that IBM Customer Number (ICN) is a mandatory field.
    3. Contacts- Provide contact details for designated contact person (or group) that IBM Support will contact when the system opens support cases.
    4. Mail server - Note that this tab is mandatory to fill out for both, Call Home and Platform Manager.
    5. SNMP - Fill out this page if SNMP server is used.
    6. Notification Rules - At the minimum, fill out the default send mail address (can be one mail address or several mail addresses) at the top to receive email notifications from the platform manager.
    7. Advanced - This tab is optional to fill out, unless you want to add custom message in email notifications and use proxy.
    8. Control - In this tab you can enable Call Home for problem and status reporting, or schedule daily and weekly status reporting.
  2. Click on Save to save your configuration data.