Deprecated: Manually configuring fabric network switches

The procedures in this section describe manual fabric switch configuration, which is only required if you have NPS deployed on your system, and Cloud Pak for Data System version is or earlier. Starting with, this step is automated on NPS systems, provided that the NPS nodes are added to the BOM.

Before you begin

To complete the configuration, you need the following information from the site survey:

  • The application network gateway
  • The application network prefix
  • The Cloud Pak for Data System application address
Note: In Cloud Pak for Data System versions and below, the interface configuration files are not included during the installation. The files must be added manually.


  1. Log in to e1n1 or other control plane node.

    Connect to e1n1 using its node specific management IP address.

  2. Connect to fabsw1a.mbond:
    [root@e1n1 ~]# ssh cumulus@fabsw1a.mbond 
    cumulus@fabsw1a.mbond’s password: **********
    Welcome to Cumulus (R) Linux (R)
    For support and online technical documentation, visit
    The registered trademark Linux (R) is used pursuant to a sublicense from LMI, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world-wide basis.
    Note: If you are configuring a system with HA Switches, a second connection to fabsw1b.mbond is necessary.
  3. Follow the procedures as listed below to complete the configuration process.