Changing the root password

At installation, the customer is provided with root user password to use on control nodes and NPS container if required. It is absolutely critical to security that the customer changes the default password for the root user on all control and worker nodes, and NPS container using the passwd command as soon as possible.

About this task

The new root user password must be set on each control and worker node separately. It is recommended to set the same password for all the nodes.

The root password for NPS nodes is handled separately within the NPS container as described in Changing the nz or root user passwords.


  1. Log in to the first control node (e1n1) with the root user using the existing root password.
  2. To change the password for the root user, enter the command:
    passwd root
  3. On the new password prompt, provide the new password when prompted and then hit enter.
  4. Repeat the same steps on all remaining control and worker nodes.