Interim Fix 1 release notes Interim Fix 1 fixes failing node enablement when you are performing the advanced upgrade from CPDS 1.0.x versions. The upgrade time for Interim Fix 1 is around 30 minutes.

Before you begin

  • Download the following package, where XXX stands for the latest package number, from Fix Central.
  • The system must be on version 2.0.2 before applying the fix.
  • If NPS has non-default admin account credentials, the following actions must be completed before you can upgrade:
    1. Ensure that you have the NPS database admin user password.
    2. In /home/nz/.bashrc file inside the container, set NZ_USER=admin and NZ_PASSWORD=<customer_password>.


  1. Connect to node e1n1 via the management address and not the application address or floating address.
  2. Verify that e1n1 is the hub:
    1. Check for the hub node by verifying that the dhcpd service is running:
      systemctl is-active dhcpd
    2. If the dhcpd service is running on a node other than e1n1, bring the service down on that other node:
      systemctl stop dhcpd
    3. On e1n1, run:
      systemctl start dhcpd
  3. Download the icpds-release- bundle and copy it to /localrepo on e1n1.
    Note: Make sure you delete all bundle files from previous releases.
  4. From the /localrepo directory on e1n1, run:
    mkdir /localrepo/

    and move the system bundle into that directory. The directory that is used here must be uniquely named - for example, no previous upgrades on the system can have been run out of a directory with the same name.

  5. Verify the status of your appliance by running:
    • ap issues
    • ap version -s
    • ap sw
  6. Optional: Run upgrade details to view details about the specific upgrade version:
    apupgrade --upgrade-details --upgrade-directory /localrepo --use-version --bundle system
  7. Run preliminary checks before you start the upgrade process. The preliminary check option checks for possible issues and attempts to automatically fix any known issues during pre-checks.
    apupgrade --preliminary-check-with-fixes --upgrade-directory /localrepo --use-version --bundle system
  8. Start the upgrade process:
    apupgrade --upgrade --upgrade-directory /localrepo --use-version --bundle system
  9. Wait for the upgrade to complete successfully.
  10. Run:
    ap version -s

    and verify that the IF is listed in Interim Fixes.