Setting up a dedicated node for Db2 Warehouse SMP deployment

Starting with version, you can dedicate one or more worker nodes to your Db2® Warehouse database service. The nodes are then used exclusively by the database containers or pods.

About this task

Red Hat® OpenShift® uses the concepts of taint and toleration to dedicate a service such as Db2 Warehouse to particular nodes. Nodes are tainted and labeled:

  • A taint prevents pods from being deployed on a tainted node.
  • A label allows for a pod with a matching toleration to be treated as an exception.

Taint and toleration work together to provide node exclusivity to deploying Db2 Warehouse on particular nodes.

In Cloud Pak for Data System, setting the node personality to db2wh will add the selected node to the OpenShift cluster, and the node will be labeled and tainted to make it a dedicated node. You can also define which storage type you want to use on that node.


  • On the Cloud Pak for Data System web console:
    1. Select the node and ensure the Role is Unset. If not, select Unset from the list. Wait until the role is changed.
    2. Select the storage type from the list.
  • From command line:
    1. Run ap node to verify the information on all the nodes in the system.
    2. Ensure the node personality is Unset. If not, run:
      ap node set_personality <node> Unset
      It might take several minutes to change the role to Unset.
    3. Run the following command to set the personality and the storage type of your choice:
      ap node set_personality <node> db2wh --storage_class [portworx|hostpath]
      The hostpath storage class is only available for db2wh nodes.