Validating the YAML file

Starting with version, a YAML file validation utility is available. Every time you modify the System_Name.yml, you can use the tool to validate the file.

About this task

The utility ensures that the syntactically valid yml exists in the correct directory, and that all the required values (IP address, netmask, gateway) meet their proper syntax. Note that it does not verify if the values are the expected values for this system. The administrator must ensure they populate the yml with expected values.


Run the following command to validate the yml file that you modified. The command locates and verifies the file automatically:
For example:
[root@e1n1]# /opt/ibm/appliance/platform/apos-comms/tools/
Validating /opt/ibm/appliance/platform/apos-comms/customer_network_config/ansible/System_Name.yml

If no output is printed then the file has been validated and no issues found.