Software components

Software components on Cloud Pak for Data System include the following services.

The platform software consists of:
  • Operating systems, system services
    • Node OS, which includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • GPFS (IBM Spectrum Scale)
      • High performance, shared disk file management solution
      • Distributed parallel filesystem
    • Docker
      • Software container platform
      • Reduces problems when software is deployed across multiple platforms
      • Enables an agile software delivery pipeline
    • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
    • NTP
  • Platform software and platform management components:
    • Hardware Platform Interface (HPI)
      • Hardware provisioning
      • Resource Managers - monitoring hardware elements, reporting to Platform Manager
    • Platform utilities
    • Platform Manager
      • System management
      • System monitoring
      • Events and Alerts
    • RAS/Diagnostics
      • Common Logging
      • Service Procedure support
  • Cloud Pak for Data System Edition
  • Netezza Performance Server (separately paid)
  • The applications running in Docker containers include:
    • Call Home (Notify IBM)
      • Secure mechanism to send service data to IBM
      • Platform for automated usage modeling

To verify which versions are installed on your system, see Upgrading Cloud Pak for Data System.