Removing NTP servers

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the IP address of the NTP server.


  1. Connect to e1n1 by using the application floating IP.
  2. Remove the specified NTP server IP from the time_servers list by following Time servers section.
    1. Remove the comma that separates the time server entries.
    2. If there are no more entries that are left in the time_servers list, set the value back to its default of:
      time_servers: ["<OPTIONAL>"]
  3. Validate the YAML file.
  4. Test the YAML file and run the playbooks.
  5. Verify:
    • If there are still NTP servers in the list, run:
      and verify that it passes.
    • If there are no NTP servers that are left in the list, run:
      and verify that you can see the following message:
      No upstream time sources defined
      Time currently syncing from e1n1.mbond
      Time offset healthy. Value: