Changing system VLANs

You can change your VLANs by editing the VLAN list in the switch and then editing the VLAN value in the corresponding application network.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have:
  • Fabric switch external_link information for each of the networks:
    • New VLAN number
    • The associated application network entry in the .yml file


  1. Connect to e1n1 by using the management floating IP.
  2. Update the VLAN values within the vlans: [] list by following Switch settings.
  3. Update the vlans: ['VALUE'] in the corresponding application_network: networkX entry by following Shared application network variables.
    If you want to change the VLAN to use a different IP address:
    1. Update app_fqdn
    2. If the IP address for the application changed due to the VLAN change, follow Deprecated: Setting up a wildcard DNS entry to change the CNAME IP in the A record of the Zone Definition file on the customer's DNS server to match the new application floating IP.
  4. Validate the YAML file.
  5. Test the YAML file and run the playbooks.