Configuring mail server (SMTP) for alert notifications and Call Home use

With the ap config command you can configure the mail server (SMTP) to be used both for sending alert notifications from the platform as well as from Call Home.

About this task

Command syntax:
ap config --set smtp
  --mail_server_name "mail server hostname or IP address"
  --mail_server_port 25
  --sender_name "user name for email sender"
  --sender_address "valid email address for sender"
--set smtp option <value> [option <value> [option <value> ...]]
Sets SMTP details:
  • If any of the options below is provided, all of the options from this list must be provided:
    --mail_server_name <server_name>
    Mail server name
    --mail_server_port <port>
    Mail server port
    --sender_name <sender_name>
    Sender signature to be displayed at the end of the notification email, for example: Yours, Adam
    --sender_address <email>
    Email address of the sender
  • Other options where all of the options below must be provided if login_username or login_password is:
    --login_method <value>
    Login method to be used. The following values are supported:
    0 - no login
    1 - cram-md5
    2 - login
    3 - plain
    --login_username <username>
    User login.
    --login_password <password>
    User password. Note that the --login_password parameter might be provided without value. In such a case the user will be interactively prompted for password.
--smtp_encryption <smtp_encryption>
SMTP encryption method to be used. The following values are supported:
0 - no encryption
2 - SSL/TLS connection
--list smtp
Lists SMTP configuration.
ap config --set smtp --mail_server_name --mail_server_port 25 --sender_name gt03 --sender_address
The configured SMTP settings can be queried with this command:
ap config --list smtp
The configured SMTP settings can be tested with the following command:
ap config --test smtp --value <email address or list>
and the following response is returned:
SMTP connectivity test: message successfully sent to <specified address(es)>