Testing the ISKLM configuration

After you configure and upload the client certificate in ISKLM, you can test the connection from any of the system control nodes.


  1. Log in to the control node as apadmin or equivalent.
  2. Run the apsedsklm test command.

    If this command succeeds, the ISKLM configuration is ready for integration with the SED drives. If the command returns an error, then you need to check the parameters passed to the apsedsklm configure command and rerun that command again with correct parameters before testing it again.

    Example usage:
    [apadmin@node0101]# apsedsklm test 
    Testing SKLM Server Connection..
    Test Connection Successful..
    Please find log at /var/log/appliance/platform/sedsupport/apsedsklm_20190408221632.log