Adding the imported key into the local keystore

After importing the key from ISKLM, you must add it to the local keystore using the following steps.


  1. Log in as apadmin or equivalent to any of the control nodes.
  2. Run the following command to create the password to protect the access to the keystore:
    apsedkeydb create <password>
    Example usage:
    [apadmin@e1n1]# apsedkeydb create <password>
    Created key store
  3. Run the command:
    apsedsklm setlocalkey --keyfile <local file path>
    where local file path is the location in the Cloud Pak for Data System file system where you created the file with the apsedsklm import command.

    On success, this command creates a local keystore on the Cloud Pak for Data System control nodes and inserts the AEK from the local file into it.

    Sample usage:
    [apadmin@e1n1]# apsedsklm setlocalkey --keyfile /tmp/myremotekeyfile 
    Added Key /tmp/myremotekeyfile
    /tmp/myremotekeyfile can safely be removed
    Enable Successful..
    Please find log at /var/log/appliance/platform/sedsupport/apsedsklm.log