Installing third-party software

Learn about handling third-party software in IBM® Cloud Pak for Data System.

If you are on Netezza® Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data System or earlier, third party software can only be installed on the system if it is provided as an add-on to Cloud Pak for Data. Installing any software on bare metal servers, or on the VMs in the system is not supported.

If you are on Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data System or later, you are strongly discouraged from installing third-party software on bare metal. If you must, you can install third-party tools at your own risk. Any issues that might arise from the installation are not supported by IBM. See also, Installing third-party software in Netezza Performance Server documentation.

It is advised that any third-party software is provided to IBM in the containerized version, so that it can interact with the product container through APIs.