What's new in IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 3.4.0

Get a quick overview of what is new with IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps.

The IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 3.4.0 version introduces new features and capabilities for connections, runbook automation, infrastructure automation, viewing stories, AI model management, and technology previews.

Version 3.4.0 also includes changes and fixes to address known security vulnerabilities. These additions help to ensure that your IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps installation is kept up-to-date and secure.

The following new features and changes are introduced with this IBM Cloud Pak offering:

For more information about new features and changes that were introduced in previous versions of IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps, see:

Installation and upgrade

Backup and restore

Support for backing up and restoring AI Manager is added. For more information, see AI Manager backup and restore.

UI console and guided tours


Stories and alerts

The Stories and alerts dashboard and related features are updated to include the following changes:

Runbook Automation

AI model management

The following changes for AI model management features are introduced:



Infrastructure Automation

Technology Preview

Features that are listed as Technology Preview are available as technology preview code (TPC) only and are not for production usage. The following features are introduced with IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 3.4.0 AI Manager as technology preview:

Fixed security vulnerabilities

Fixes and updates are included to address reported security-related vulnerabilities with IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.

For more information about the included fixes, see Security bulletins and fixes.