Managing events

As a network operator, you can use event management to monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve network alerts, and to manage your network topology. You can also manage runbooks and automation, and review efficiency across operations teams.

Note: Event management is accessible from a separate UI console. For more information about event management operations, see the IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight® on cloud systems documentation Opens in a new tab.

Resolving events To identify health issues across your application, services, and network infrastructure, enable event management. Event management provides an event list that brings together event details, event journaling, and event filtering. It also provides the capability to perform troubleshooting, resolution, and runbook actions on events directly from the console. Some events in the console are presented in event groups, based on analytics. Using the event list, you can explore why these events were grouped, which can further help with event resolution.

Note: The following event management features are not licensed for use with your IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps - AI Manager component entitlement: