Configuring the lookup table

The probe is supplied with a lookup table that contains details of the various types of alarms that Alcatel-Lucent 9353 WNMS generates. You might need to update the rules file to include the path to the lookup table.

The lookup table contains details of the alarm names and probable causes generated by Alcatel-Lucent 9353 WNMS.

At installation, the Corba_3gpp_V630.lookup file supplied with the probe installation package is installed to the following location:


To reference the lookup table from the rules file, add the following line to the rules file:

include "../includes/Corba_3gpp_V630.lookup"

Note: The include command assumes that the probe is run from the standard $OMNIHOME/probes/ directory. If you are running the probe from a different directory, replace .. with the absolute directory path to the lookup table. Do not use the $OMNIHOME environment variable in this directory path.