Restarting the probe and re-connecting with the persistent URI

If the probe shuts down, you can specify that when it restarts, it resumes the subscription through the WebSocket with a different URI if necessary. For example, you can specify a URI with a query filter to query new alarms from a specific time.

You specify the URI with which the probe resumes the subscription using the webSocketPeristentURI property in the file. When the probe restarts, it resumes the subscription with this URI. If there are tokens used in the URI, it reconstructed with the last value recorded in the DataBackupFile. This value is recorded in the file specified by the DataBackupFile property which is loaded during probe startup.

The content of the file specified by DataBackupFile is determined by the RecordData property. This property allows you to specify a comma-separated list of attributes from the event that the probe records in the data backup file.