Using the HTTPS protocol

The Probe for Alcatel-Lucent 5529 OAD uses Java keystore files and an HTTPS URL Connection to connect directly to the system using the HTTPS protocol.

For the probe to connect to the system in HTTPS mode, enable the SSL connection using the UseSsl property. To access the keys and certificates in the Java keystore file required for this HTTPS connection, specify the CertificateStore and the CertificateStorePassword properties. To attest the certificates in the Java keystore, add the trusted authority certificate using the TrustedStore and TrustedStorePassword properties.

Note: If a single keystore file contains all the certificates, then set the CertificateStore and TrustedStore properties to point to the same keystore file. Also, set the CertificateStorePassword and TrustedStorePassword properties with same value.