Migrating properties

Determine the values required for the properties file of the generic probe. These properties are described in the following topics:

Use the properties file for the Probe for Nokia-Siemens Switch/Radio/@vantage Commander 3GPP to set the correct values for the generic probe.

Differing property names

The generic probe uses different names for some properties to those used in the Probe for Nokia-Siemens Switch/Radio/@vantage Commander 3GPP, as shown in the following table.

Table 1. Properties with different names in the generic probe
System-specific property Generic property
Agentheartbeat HeatbeatInterval
EntryPointIrpFile EntryPointIORFile
NotificationIrpFile NotificationIRPIORFile
NotificationIrpName NotificationIRPName
ORBLocalHostName ORBLocalHost
Resynch InitialResync
Retry RetryCount
Timeout Inactivity
Note: The Release3GPP property is found only in the generic probe. Set this property to the version of the 3GPP standard that the NMS or EMS implements.