Additional considerations

OAD can only function with security enabled for Java Message Service (JMS) Notifications. The probe cannot allow security to be enabled for JMS Notifications and disabled for the Web Services interface at the same time. Therefore, both JMS Notifications and the Web Services interface must have security enabled.

When OAD is installed in a cluster, the notification identifiers for OAD generated alarms assigned by one OAD server do not follow sequentially those assigned by another OAD server. This affects alarms such as heartbeat or eventLossOccured, . Since Netcool/OMNIbus uses the notification identifier to correlate some alarms in the EventList, if the activity has switched from one OAD server to another in the cluster, the EventList can potentially correlate unrelated alarms since their notification identifiers can match. This is not applicable to NE or AMS alarms: their notification identifier is constructed in the format domain_name:number, so it is unique; the same notification identifier is used for the same alarm across all the cluster nodes.