Login State

For security reasons, access to Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC is protected by a login process. Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC sends a denial message and drops the connection if the login process fails. The following section describes the login protocol.

Lucent ITM-SC Login

The Probe for Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC initiates the communication to Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC by setting up the TCP/IP connection and sending out a login request message.

The format of the Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC login message is:
i2000_tid <string>
dscan_tid <string>
dscan_version <string>
msgno <string>

The following table describes the login request fields and corresponding values.

Table 1. Lucent ITM-SC Login Request and Response Fields

Field Name



i2000_tid string

Lucent ITM-SC hostname.

dscan_tid string


dscan_version string


msgno long integer

Message number.

i2000_version string

Lucent ITM-SC version.

time long integer


stat C | D | S

Status. Possible values are:

C: Login completed

D: Login denied

S: Login suspended

errcode string

Error code.

The Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC responds with a login response message. The format of the response is:
i2000_tid <string>
dscan_tid <string>
i2000_version <string>
dscan_version <C | D | S>
time <string>
msgno <>
stat <>
errcode <>
Communication is terminated by disconnecting the TCP/IP communication link. A new session may be started by the client by re-establishing the TCP/IP connection and completing a login procedure.
On successful completion of the Login state, the probe proceeds to the Initialization state.