Lucent ITM-SC Resynchronization State

After a successful login the Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC sends all active network events across the XMC interface. The Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC sends the network events that are active at the time the start resynchronization message is sent to the probe.

The start resynchronization message has the following format:
ne_tid <string>
resync_type <D | F>
phase <string>
msgno <long integer>

The following table describes the start resynchronization message fields and corresponding values.

Table 1. Lucent ITM-SC Start and End Resynchronization Fields

Field Name



ne_tid string

Network element identifier.

resync_type D | F

Type of resynchronization.

phase string

Event phase.

msgno long integer

Message number.

i2000_tid string

Lucent ITM-SC identifier.

time long integer


stat C | D | S

Status. Possible values are:

C: Login completed

D: Login denied

S: Login suspended

errcode string

Error code.

If new alarms occur when the resynchronization procedure is in progress, those alarms are notified after the resynchronization process is completed.

On successful completion of the Resynchronization state, the probe proceeds to the Normal state.