Loss of Connection Between the Probe and Lucent ITM-SC

If the Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC or the LAN develops a fault, the socket connection between Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC and the Probe for Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC is lost.

If no events have been received, including the heartbeat events, within the period set by the property G2IdleHeartbeatTimeout, the Probe for Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC assumes the socket connection has been lost. The probe sends the ProbeWatch message We've been idle for xx seconds (where xx is the defined timeout period).

After the G2IdleHeartbeatTimeout period has elapsed the probe checks the property G2RestartOnIdleTimeout. If this property is set to 0, the probe restarts the timeout period. If it is set to 1, the probe disconnects from the Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC.