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The IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Probe for Network Node Manager-i documentation is provided in softcopy format only. To obtain the most recent version, visit the IBM® Tivoli® Knowledge Center:

Table 1. Document modification history

Document version

Publication date



November 7, 2014

First IBM publication.

The probe supports NNMi 9.2.


March 10, 2016


Support extended to include NNMi 10.0 and NNMi 10.10.

Descriptions for the following properties were added to Properties and command line options provided by the Java Probe Integration Library (probe-sdk-java) version 8.0.

  • EnableSSL
  • EnableSSLDebug
  • KeyStore
  • KeyStorePassword
  • KeyStoreType
  • SecurityProtocol
  • SubscriptionFilter
  • TrustStore
  • TrustStorePassword
  • TrustStoreType

This probe addresses the following Enhancement Requests:

RFE 71896: Enhancement made to support the newest version of the Network Node Manager-i version (10.0).

RFE 65044: Enhancement made to support HTTPS connection to the probe.


June 28, 2019

Summary updated for version 3 of this probe.

Support for Network Node Manager-i version 2018.11 added.


June 26, 2020

Summary updated for version 4 of this probe.

Support for Network Node Manager-i version 2019.11 added.

The following security enhancements which include:

  • Probe sanitizes event data for XML escaped characters.

  • Probe now validates HTTP host headers for IncidentNotification events.

  • Probe now disables TLS client-initiated renegotiations.