Alarm Example 1 - alarm-event

The following is an example alarm event:
tid <string>
portl <string>
porth <string>
status <char>
category <string>
cond_type <string>
time <long integer>
i2000_tid <string>
sa_status <char>
severity <char>
msp <char>
equip_id <char>
resync <char>
alarm_id <string>

The following table describes the format of this example alarm event.

Table 1. Example Alarm Event 1 Field Descriptions

Field Name



tid string

Name of Lucent ITM-SC in XMC.

portl string

Port identifier. Maximum of 50 characters.

porth string

Port identifier.

status char

Alarm status.

category string

Field category.

cond_type string

Condition type of the alarm.

time long integer

Field type integer for UNIX time.

i2000_tid string

Lucent ITM-SC host name.

sa_status S | N

Service Affecting status.

severity P | D | I

Alarm severity. Possible values are:

P: Prompt

D: Deferred

I: Information

These values are related to major, minor, and warning, respectively.

msp Y | N

Possible values are Yes (Y) and No (N).

equip_id char

Equipment identifier. Maximum 50 characters.

resync char

Alarm resynchronization. Possible values are Y or a space.

alarm_id string

Field alarm identifier.