Messages in the log file

The nco_http utility can make extensive entries in the probe's log file indicating the progress of each operation. These messages can help isolate problems with a request, such as a syntax problem in a command.

To obtain the detailed log information, set the probe's MessageLevel property to debug. This enables the logging of the additional information that tracks the progress of a command's execution. For example, the following shows the progress of an unacknowledge_message command:

Debug: D-NHT-105-002: [HTTP Listener]: Connection from 'hostname'
    (ip-address) on socket 'socket-no'.
Debug: D-NHT-105-008: [HTTP Listener]: Data available from 'hostname'
    (ip-address) on socket 'socket-no'.
Debug: D-NHT-105-009: [WorkPoolThread]: Received HTTP request from 'hostname'
    (ip-address) on socket 'socket-no'.
Information: I-UNK-000-000: Property NHttpd.BasicAuth is empty, allowing 
     connection with no authentication
Information: I-UNK-000-000: HTTP: POST: /probe/common request from auth=none
Debug: D-UNK-000-000: [Bidir: unacknowledge_message] Received $param: [msgId]