Configuring IBM Cloud Observer jobs

Use the IBM Cloud Observer when you have IBM Cloud installed in your environment to run jobs that read data from an IBM cloud instance. These jobs retrieve Cloud Foundry Apps information and services, and then dynamically load the retrieved data.

Before you begin

Important: The IBM Cloud Observer supports the cloud and SaaS IBM Cloud version.

Important: The IBM Cloud Observer supports Cloud Foundry API version 2.92.

Ensure you have the IBM Cloud access details to hand to specify and access the cloud instance, such as the instance ID, credentials, and region.

Enabling access to the URL routes

To access the URL routes for the topology Swagger documentation, see the Enabling access to URL routes topic.

About this task

You define and start the following job.

Full Topology Upload job

The IBM Cloud Observer imports ITSM Resource Topology Service data.

By default, Load jobs are one-off, transient jobs that do a full upload of all requested topology data as soon as they are triggered.

You can also run these jobs (again) from the Observer UI, or schedule them to run at set times when configuring them.

Mapping IBM Cloud model objects to entity types

IBM Cloud resource object Entity types
stacks operatingsystem
apps application
routes path
service bindings hub
service instance service
user provided service instance service
spaces group
organization organization
buildpacks component


Define or edit the following parameters, then click Run job to save and run the job.

Encryption requirement: See the Configuring observer jobs security topic for more information.

Parameter Action Details
Unique ID Enter a unique name for the job Required
Instance Enter the name of the IBM cloud instance. Required
User email The email address used to access the instance, or enter apikey if IBM Cloud API Key is used. Required. See Creating an API key on steps to create an IBM Cloud API key.
Password Enter the password or API key used to access the instance. Required
IBM Cloud Region Choose the cloud instance region from the drop-down list (US, UK, EU, AP) Required. Each region has its own URI, and only a single region is discovered in a full load job. To discover different regions, a full load job needs to be triggered for each region.
Generate debug support file Set this parameter to 'True' in order to capture the output of the next scheduled job run as a file. This file will be stored with an observer's log files and can be used to debug observer issues, for example at the request of your designated Support team, or while using a test environment. For one-off jobs (that is, Load jobs), this parameter reverts to 'False' after the next completed run. To examine the output produced, you can load the generated debug file using the File Observer. Optional
Job schedule Specify when the job runs. Optional. Load jobs only.
Observer job description Enter additional information to describe the job. Optional