Data acquisition

Each probe uses a different method to acquire data. Which method the probe uses depends on the target system from which it receives data.

The Probe for Genband IEMS is a direct SNMP monitoring probe. The probe acquires event data by acting as a trap daemon and monitoring SNMP traps and events on both UDP and TCP sockets. It is able to handle a high volume and high rate of traps and receives traps independently of trap processing using an internal queue mechanism.
Note: Depending on the Genband IEMS version the following elements may not be available in the EMS. Check with Genband for further details:
  • nnExtAlarmActiveAdditionalText2
  • nnExtAlarmActiveIdAlias

The probe handles high trap rates and high burst rates using two buffers: one buffer for all of the sockets that the probe monitors, and an internal queue between the reader and writer sides of the probe.

Data acquisition is described in the following topics: