Online upgrade of Infrastructure Automation (CLI method)

Use these instructions to upgrade Infrastructure Automation 3.7.0 or later to 4.1.2.

This procedure can be used on an online deployment of Infrastructure Automation 3.7.0 or later, and can still be used if the deployment has had hotfixes applied. If you have an offline deployment, follow the instructions in Offline upgrade of Infrastructure Automation.

Before you begin

Ensure that you are logged in to your OpenShift cluster with oc login for any steps that use the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform command-line interface (CLI).


  • You cannot use these instructions to upgrade deployments of Infrastructure Automation 3.6.2 or earlier. For more information, see Upgrade paths.
  • The upgrade cannot be removed or rolled back.

Upgrade procedure

Follow these steps to upgrade your online Infrastructure Automation deployment.

  1. Verify cluster readiness
  2. Configure automatic catalog polling
  3. Update the operator subscription
  4. Verify the deployment

1. Verify cluster readiness

Ensure that your cluster still meets all the prerequisites for deployment. For more information, see Prerequisites.

2. Configure automatic catalog polling

Verify that your catalog is set to automatically poll for updates. Your ibm-operator-catalog CatalogSource object can be configured to automatically poll for a newer version, and to retrieve it if one is available. This triggers an automatic update of your deployment. Polling for updates is enabled by configuring the following polling attribute:


You might have already elected to automatically accept product updates by adding the polling attribute to your ibm-operator-catalog YAML when you installed Infrastructure Automation, installed an Infrastructure Automation hotfix from IBM support, or when you installed another IBM Cloud Pak.

Use the following steps to check whether you already have a polling attribute set, and to configure it if you do not.

Note: ibm-operator-catalog also contains the catalogs for other IBM Cloud Paks. If you have multiple IBM Cloud Paks installed on your cluster, and you enable the polling attribute, then automatic update is configured for all of them.

  1. Run the following command to view and edit your ibm-operator-catalog CatalogSource instance.

    oc edit catalogsource ibm-operator-catalog -n openshift-marketplace
  2. If there is not a spec.updateStrategy section, then update the YAML to have the following contents, and save it.

        interval: 45m

3. Update the operator subscription

Use the following steps to update the value of the Infrastructure Automation operator subscription to the release that you want to upgrade to.

  1. Log in to your OpenShift cluster's console.
  2. Select Home > Search.
  3. From the Project list, select the project (namespace) that your Infrastructure Automation operator subscription is deployed in. This is your Infrastructure Automation project if your deployment is namespace scoped, or openshift-operators if your deployment has a cluster wide scope.
  4. In the Resources list, select SUB Subscription. A list of subscriptions is displayed. Click the subscription called ibm-infrastructure-automation-operator. A new window with the subscription details for ibm-infrastructure-automation-operator is displayed.
  5. Click the value in the Update channel box. A new window called Change Subscription update channel is displayed. Change the channel to v4.1 and click Save.
  6. Repeat the above steps with subscription ibm-management-cam-install and ibm-management-im-install.

4. Verify the deployment

4.1 Check Infrastructure Automation upgrade status

Check the status of the Infrastructure Automation upgrade to make sure the PHASE is Installing and eventually it changes to Running.

oc get iaconfigs -n $NAMESPACE

Where <namespace> is the namespace where Infrastructure Automation is deployed in.

Example output:

ibm-ia-installer   Running      4.1.2     rook-cephfs    rook-ceph-block          8m44s

Important: Do not proceed until the message that Infrastructure Automation upgrade is Running is displayed.

4.2 Check the version

Verify that the patch has been successfully installed.

  1. Log in to your OpenShift cluster's console.
  2. Click Operators > Installed Operators.
  3. From the Project drop-down list, select the project (namespace) that Infrastructure Automation is deployed in.
  4. Locate IBM Infrastructure Automation in the list and verify that the annotation underneath it shows 4.1.2.

4.3 Check the deployment

After a few minutes, run the following command from the CLI to verify that your Infrastructure Automation deployment is running again.

oc get -A

Example output:

ibm-ia-installer   Running      4.1.2     rook-cephfs    rook-ceph-block          8m44s

What to do next

If you previously setup backup or restore on your deployment, then you must follow the instructions in Upgrading Infrastructure Automation backup and restore artifacts.