Probe commands

The following sections define the structure of the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)-formatted commands that you can send to the probe. There is an example of each command.

All the examples use a probe URI of http://localhost and a HTTP listening port of 8080.


Use the resync_default command to perform a resynchronization using the event filter query configured in the ResyncEventQuery property.

The format of the -data option for the resync_default command is:

-data '{"command":"resync_default","params":[]}'

The following command performs a resynchronization using the default configuration:

$OMNIHOME/bin/nco_http -uri http://<probe_ip>:<http_server_port>/probes/hpe_omi -datatype application/json -data '{"command":"resync_default","params":[]}' -method POST


Use the resync_filter command to perform a resynchronization with customized settings.

The format of the -data option for the resync_filter command is:

-data '{"command":"resync_filter","params":["event_filter":"<query_expression>", "format_flag":"<boolean_value>"]}'


event_filter is the event filter query statement, for example "time_change>=++LAST_TIMESTAMP++"

format_flag is the flag that controls whether the statement is to be validated and formatted in the same way that the query specified by the FormatEventQuery property can be. For details of how the probe can validate and format the query, see Constructing the resynchronization event query.

boolean_value is true or false

The following command performs a resynchronization taking events that have been updated since the last timestamp, and instructs the probe to perform validation and formatting.

$OMNIHOME/bin/nco_http -uri http://<probe_ip>:<http_server_port>/probes/hpe_omi -datatype application/json -data '{"command":"resync_filter","params": [{"event_filter":"<query_expression>", "format_flag":"true"}]}' -method POST


The final query statement sent to OMi system will contain other parameters as configured in the following properties: ResyncEventQuery, ResyncDataOrder, ResyncDataInclusion, and PageSize.