Customizing the rules file to populate the $specificProblem element

The $specificProblem element is available for NFM-P for certain types of alarms, for example NobeB alarms. To populate the $specificProblem element you need to customize the nokia_nfmp.rules file.

The probe rules file contains the following lines that define the specificProblem element:

 #specificProblem is only available starting SAM v12 and above; and applicable 
for certain alarm type only (eg: NodeB alarm)
    if (exists($specificProblem))
    	$SpecificProblem_T = lookup($specificProblem, SpecificProblem_t)
		## Remove hash below to map specific problem with object server field
		## @X733SpecificProb = $SpecificProblem_T

To make the $specificProblem element available, uncomment the following line by removing the hash symbols:

@X733SpecificProb = $SpecificProblem_T

This will map $SpecificProblem to the @X733SpecificProb field.

Alternatively, you can create a new field in the ObjectServer using Netcool Administrator and map $SpecificProblem_T with a new field (for example @NewField).

@NewField = $SpecificProblem_T