Backoff strategy

If the Retry property is set to true, and the probe fails to establish a connection or loses an existing connection to Microsoft SCOM 2012, the probe reverts to a backoff strategy.

The probe's backoff strategy is to try to reestablish a connection at successive intervals of one second, two seconds, four seconds, eight seconds, and so on, up to a maximum of 4096 seconds. When the maximum interval is reached, the probe shuts down.

Note: If the probe is connecting to a Microsoft SCOM 2012 RMS cluster, set the Retry property to true. This enables the probe to tolerate any interim connection failure that might occur during the internal failover process in the target system.

Overriding the backoff strategy

You can use the RetryMaxTime property to specify a maximum period of time (in seconds) for which the probe will attempt to connect to Microsoft SCOM 2012 using the backoff strategy. If a successful login does not occur within this period, the probe will stop trying to connect to Microsoft SCOM 2012. The default value of this property is 9000 seconds (2.5 hours). Specify a value of 0 to make the probe retry the connection indefinitely.

If you want the probe to retry the login at a regular interval instead of at successively increasing intervals, you can use the RetryConstantWait property to specify the regular interval (in seconds). The default value of this property is 0, which instructs the probe to use the standard backoff interval.