Error messages

Error messages provide information about problems that occur while running the probe. You can use the information that they contain to resolve such problems.

The following table describes the error messages specific to this probe. For information about generic error messages, see the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Probe and Gateway Guide (SC14-7608).

Table 1. Error messages




Failed to connect to Naming Service

The CORBA service is not running on the expected Host/Port/IOR

The probe failed to connect to the Naming Service. Either the Naming Service is not running on the specified host and port, or the IOR specified for the Naming Service is not correct.

Check that the Naming Service is running on the specified host and port and that the Naming Context IOR is correct.

Failed to get interface version information

Failed to ping Cisco server

The probe failed to call a method on CTM.

Check that CTM is running correctly and that the IOR files are up to date.

Failed to get object reference from IOR file

Failed to get object from IOR file

Failed to find file, please check file exists!

Failed to convert IOR to object

Please check that the interface is running and the probe is using up to date IOR files

The probe failed to get the object reference from the IOR file. Either the requested IOR file was not found or it did not contain a valid IOR file.

Check that the IOR file exists and that it is a valid IOR file.

Failed to narrow object reference

Failed to narrow manager reference

The probe failed to narrow the object reference to the interface object.

This is a CORBA-related error and indicates a problem with the CORBA installation.

Failed to resolve Naming Context

Exception raised when locating server

The probe failed to resolve the Naming Context path to find the server object. Either the Naming Context path is invalid or it does not exist.

Check the NamingContext Path property.

Name is null, cannot create element

Cannot parse typevalue_type : name

Failed to parse alarm

The probe failed to parse the alarm.

Check that the alarm conforms to the StructuredEvent format.